Cranberry Bog
Cranberry Bog
Background Information
First appearance "Cookin' With Hook!"
Latest appearance
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location Never Land
Visitors Captain Hook
Final state Still standing
Smee! Save me! [choking] Cranberry... bog! This is an emergency!
―Captain Hook

Cranberry Bog is a location on Never Land. Its a small secluded cranberry swamp hidden deep within the Never Land Jungle. Visitors most be wary not to fall into the bog as the berry-like muck is hard to get out of.

Role in the series

Cranberry Bog first appeared in the episode "Cookin' with Hook."After his failed attempts to get the ingredients for the Shipwreck stew Captain Hook was feeling pretty down that he'd let his mother down Jake and his crew felt bad for the captain and decided to hand over their ingredients. With not even a thank you Hook snatches the ingredients and race off into the Never Land Jungle landing into Cranberry Bog. Hook couldn't pull himself and the ingredients out of the bog resulting in another emergency so Izzy used her trusty Pixie Dust to rescue Hook and head back to Pirate Island. After the sea pups return to the island and put their gold doubloons in the Team Treasure Chest, suddenly a message in a bottle washes onto Pirate Island beach. It was from Captain Hook, inviting the young pirate crew to his feast aboard the Jolly Roger as thanks for giving up their food for his mother and in the spirit of Thanksgiving.


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