Cookin' with Hook titlecard Jake: "Cookin' With Hook!"


Skully: Crackers! We need more crackers!

Jake:Don't worry, Skully. We'll have plenty of food for Never Land Feast Day.

Izzy:Aye! And not only are we getting together for a yummy meal, we're gonna give thanks for all the good things we have.

Skully:Like mateys, and crackers!

Cubby:And that's not all. I'm gonna cook somethin' really special! Shipwreck Stew! I need three things to make it: Tick-Tock Tomatoes from Crocodile Creek, spicy hot Lava Beans from Belch Mountain, and a Jumpin' Pumpkin from the Pirate Pumpkin Patch.

Jake:(To the audience) Mateys, do you want to go to Never Land with us and find the ingredients for Cubby's Shipwreck Stew? Great! Remember to keep a lookout for gold doubloons. Whenever we solve a Pirate Problem together, they'll appear. Then we'll collect 'em and put 'em in our Team Treasure Chest. Yo-ho, let's go!

Skully:Is everybody ready?

Jake:I got my sword!

Cubby:I got my map!

Izzy:And I've got my Pixie Dust! The fairies gave it to me so that we can use it to fly. But only in emergencies!

Song: Yo Ho, mateys away!::: Yo-ho, mateys, away
There'll be treasure and adventure today
Let's go!
Heave-ho, here we go
Together as a team
Jake and the Never Land pirates...
And me

Mama Hook: James! How are the decorations coming along? I want the table to look extra-special this year!

Captain Hook:I'm so pleased you could join us for Never Land Feast Day, Mummy.

Mama Hook:Oh, James! You know I'd never miss a chance to cook the family recipe for my bouncing baby buccaneer. Now, let's see. I'm going to make Fried Green Tick-Tock Tomatoes, Hot Lava Bean Chili, and a Jumpin' Pumpkin Pie for dessert.

Captain Hook:Oh, yes! It's been my favorite meal since I was a wee pirate lad.

Mama Hook:So, James, be a good boy and fetch me everything I need. And don't dawdle! I've got lots of cooking to do, so step lively!

Captain Hook:Aye, aye, Mummy! Steppin' lively! There they be, Smee! Tick Tock Tomatoes! Ah! I can almost smell them frying now.

Mr. Smee:Yes, cap'n. But since this is Crocodile Creek, I'm wonderin' where is the... -

Tick-Tock Croc:[mumbling]

Captain Hook:[gasps]

Mr. Smee:Tick-Tock Croc!

Tick-Tock Croc:[laughs] [belches] [yawns] - [snoring]

Mr. Smee:Oh, dear! How will we get the tomatoes without waking him up?

Captain Hook: Just follow me, Smee. Beast or no beast, I must get those tomatoes!

Tick-Tock Croc:[snoring]

Mr. Smee:[chuckles] Hello, Mr. O' Dile!

Hook & Smee:[yelling]

Skully:Tick-Tock Tomatoes, dead ahead!

Jake: Hey! Where's Tick-Tock Croc?

Tick-Tock Croc:[chuckling]

Cubby: Here he comes now! What are we gonna do?

Jake: I've got an idea. You guys pick the rest of the tomatoes while I distract him. Hiya, Tick-Tock. Check this out!

Tick-Tock Croc:[squeals]

Jake:You like it, don't ya, big guy?

Tick-Tock Croc:[laughs]

There! That's the last of 'em!

Tick-Tock Croc:[chuckling]

Jake:Thank you! Thank you! You've been a great crowd! And for your reward...(To the audience) Good goin'! We distracted Tick-Tock Croc. We got our tomatoes, and we got two gold doubloons! Let's grab 'em and go get the Lava Beans at Belch Mountain!

Mr. Smee:Oh, dear! The tomatoes are gone! The croc must've eaten them all!

Captain Hook: Oh, Mama's counting on me to bring home the tomatoes!

Mr. Smee:Oh, it's not your fault, cap'n. But we can still bring back Lava Beans and a Jumpin' Pumpkin - for your mama's meal.

Captain Hook: Right you are, Smee! Then it's on to Belch Mountain!

[mountain belching]

Captain Hook: Good work, Smee. Your shortcut got us here in record time.

Mr. Smee:Why, thank you, cap'n. Oh, look! Those are Lava Beans growing up ahead!

Captain Hook:Hurry, Smee! Let's pick each and every one!

Mr. Smee:Do be careful, cap'n!

[both grunting] - [crashing] - [moaning]

Mr. Smee:Poor cap'n. Allow me!

[both straining, grunting] - [yelling]

Captain Hook:Lava!

Mr. Smee:Oh, dear!


Captain Hook:Save me! Ahoy,

Captain Hook. What are you doin' here?

Captain Hook:None of your business. Now if you don't mind, go away!

Mr. Smee:Or maybe you could lend us a hand? Just hold still.

We'll help you! Mateys, we can put this rock over the hot lava like a bridge. Come on! Help us move it!

[all straining]

There you go. Be careful climbing over.

Mr. Smee:Oh, thank you, sea pups.

Izzy: Yay-hey! We helped Hook and Smee, and we got three more gold doubloons. Let's grab 'em and go!

Mr. Smee:Come on, sir.

Captain Hook:Don't rush me, Smee! Got every bean. Woo-hoo! It's on to the Pirate Pumpkin Patch!

Goodbye, Captain Hook! See ya later, Mr. Smee!

Mr. Smee:Thank you again, sea pups!

Captain Hook:[gasps] The beans! They're gone! Oh, alas, no tomatoes! No beans! I'll never get to taste me mum's Never Land Feast meal!

Mr. Smee: Oh, but we can still have a tasty Jumpin' Pumpkin Pie. - You do love it so.

Captain Hook: Aye, Smee. We'll go to the Pirate Pumpkin Patch. I'll have me dessert if it's the last thing I do. The Jumpin' Pumpkin!

Thar she goes! After it, mateys! It's the only one in the patch! I've got it!

[laughing] Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Hang on, Cubby! We're comin'!

[both grunt]

Izzy: Phew! It won't get away now! Way-hey! We got everything: Tick-Tock Tomatoes, Lava Beans and a Jumpin' Pumpkin!

Captain Hook: Hear that, Smee? They have everything we're after. Mm, I can almost taste the Shipwreck Stew.


Captain Hook: It appears I've caught something tasty indeed! Ta-ta! I really must be running. Smee! Save me! [choking] Cranberry... bog! This is an emergency!

Jake:Izzy! You heard the captain! Pixie Dust away!

Izzy:Ah! (To the audience) Yay-hey! We helped Captain Hook out of the bog, and we got three more gold doubloons! Let's grab 'em and go! And let's grab our stuff, too!

[Hook moaning]

Mr. Smee:Poor cap'n! You're boggy to the bone!

Captain Hook:[moaning] What does it matter? Now I'll never get even a single bite of my mama's cooking!

What do you mean?

Captain Hook: Well, not that you would care, but I set out to get Tick-Tock Tomatoes, Lava Beans and a Jumpin' Pumpkin for my mama. But I've failed to get her a single thing!

Mr. Smee:You see, Mama Hook is planning to make a Never Land Feast Day meal of all the captain's favorite things.

Wow! Hook's looking for the same stuff we were.

I don't know if I could enjoy our meal knowing Hook's crew won't have theirs.

Skully:Ah! Even I feel sorry for ol' Feather Hat... a little.

Here, Captain Hook. You can have our stuff. All of it.

Captain Hook:No! Really? Well, all I can say is... ...I'll take it!

Have a great Never Land Feast Day! Say "ahoy" to your mum from us!

Mr. Smee:You know, cap'n, we should do something nice for the sea pups. After all, they gave us their food.

Captain Hook:Not now, Smee. Mummy's waiting!

Jake:(To the audience) Thanks for helping us on our Never Land Feast Day, mateys. Now let's put all our gold doubloons into our Team Treasure Chest.

Song: Team Treasure Chest song:

Way-hey, well done, crew
Everyone knew just what to do
Way-hey, with help from you
It's time to count our gold doubloons Jake: Come on! Count with us!

[all] Yeah!

Jake: One, two...

Cubby: Three, four, five...

Izzy: Six, seven, eight.

Jake:Yo-ho! For solving Pirate Problems today, we got eight gold doubloons!

Cubby:That's not all we got. We just got a message in a bottle that washed ashore. It's an invitation... from Captain Hook!

Captain Hook:Let us all raise a glass of this fine Pirate Punch to give thanks to the puny pi... I mean, to Jake and his crew, for providing the food for this delicious meal. Here's to you!


Bones: Mazel tov!

Jake:That was really nice of you, Captain Hook.

Captain Hook:Just remember, lad, it's Never Land Feast Day. Only expect it once a year!

[all laugh]

Mama Hook:Oh, James!

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