Colossal Coconut Cannon
Colossal Coconut Cannon
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Other Names
User Mr. Smee, Captain Hook,Sharky,Bones
Purpose Help Hook win the race between Bucky and the Jolly Roger
Location The Jolly Roger
Final State Presumed to still be aboard the Jolly Roger
The Colossal Coconut Cannon is a massive cannon constructed by Captain Hook and his crew to give him a upper hand between Jake and his crew in the episode special "Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Jake Saves Bucky".


After Mr. Smee mentions that Bucky might not be easy to beat in the race, since he has lots of gizmos aboard. Hook then orders his crew to construct new gizmos to the Jolly Roger.


The Colossal Coconut Cannon is capable of rapid fire, easily raining coconuts down on its victims in an instant. As with all firearms, the force of impact is dependent on the ammunition provided.

Role in the Series

The Colossal Coconut Cannon is first seen during the musical number "Bucky Will Be Mine",being added to the Jolly Roger's arsenal.It is later seen again when Captain Hook forces Jake and his crew to race the Jolly Roger for the ownership of Bucky. Naturally, Hook decided to cheat,using the Colossal Coconut Cannon as one of the means to slowdown Jake and his crew.In the end of the race Bucky was owned by the villainous pirate. Jake, Izzy, Cubby, and Skully call Peter Pan for help. They learn that if they can retrieve the golden bell, Bucky would be theirs once more. The crew set out to the Island of Bells and battled a fire-breathing dragon to obtain said bell. They head back to the Jolly Roger, retrieve Bucky, and all is well.The Colossal Coconut Cannon make one last appearance at the end of the special,Hook throws a tantrum losing Bucky to the sea pups that he causes all the upgrades aboard the Jolly Roger to go off and sending Hook hurling into the sky.

Printed material

The Colossal Coconut Cannon only appearance in printed media is the storybook adaption of Jake Saves Bucky.

Video games

The Colossal Coconut Cannon appears in the Disney Junior online game "Jake's Heroic Race" during the first phase of the great race between Bucky and the Jolly Roger.Hook orders Smee to use the cannon to slow Jake and his crew down.


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