Clockwork, rrrr, Skully!
―Captain Gizmo.

Clockwork Skully is a minor character featured in the Disney Junior animated TV series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. He a mechanical parrot created by Captain Gizmo in the likeness of Skully. He is voiced by David Arquette.


Like the real Skully, Clockwork Skully sometimes acts like a small child being very playful and speaking in the third person occasionally. He is very fond of crackers and even swipes the real Skully's crackers causing the parrot to chase after him.


  • Stretching: Like Captain Gizmo, Clockwork Skully displayed the ability to his neck like Gizmo's limbs.
  • Flight: Clockwork Skully display the ability to fly with ease despite being made of metal and even proved to be able to keep away from the real Skully.
  • Power source: Unlike Captain Gizmo, Clockwork Skully doesn't appear to have any visible power source like his creator.

Role in the series

Clockwork Skully first appeared at the end of the episode "Captain Gizmo", after Jake and his crew accompanied by Captain Gizmo placed all of their gold doubloons into the Team Treasure Chest. Gizmo introduced his new mateys his latest creation Clockwork Skully. Clockwork soon took flight over to the real Skully who wash enjoying a plate of crackers. Skully was suspicious of the mechanical parrot and his suspicions were correct as Clockwork devours all of Skully's crackers before taking flight. Causing the real Skully to chase after him much to the amusement of Jake and his crew.

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