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Castle Castaway
Background Information
First appearance "Beardini's Apprentice"
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Other Information
Other names
Location In a pocket dimension within Never Land
Visitors Jake,Izzy,Cubby, Skully, Captain Hook,Mr. Smee,Beardini the Pirate Magician
Final state Still Standing
Trying to break through that wall will only make Castle Castaway want to keep us all inside longer.

Castle Castaway is a mysterious enchanted castle located in a pocket dimension within Never Land.



Not much is currently known about Castle Castaway or the pirate magician who created it. However, the castle is full to the brim with magical tools and artifacts from various pirate magicians.Beardini the Pirate Magician seems to know a vast knowledge of the enchanted castle and its great power.


As Beardini mentioned Castle Castaway is a mischievous enchanted castle that is self-aware. It will not allow anyone foolish enough to stumble inside of it to escape. Castle Castaway is said to be quite tricky and mischievous toying with those trap inside of it. However, if those trap inside attempts to force there way out Castle Castaway will grow angry and try even harder to prevent them from escaping. The only way of safely leaving the castle is if the user who cast the spell sending everyone into the castle uses a banishing spell.


As an enchanted castle used by various pirate magicians for many centuries Castle Castaway displays being sentient it has a great mastery of its magical power and will use all means of its power to stop those from forcing there way out by making a M.C. Escher staircase like room or summoning a large number of chains as limbs to prevent those from escaping or imprisoning trespasser inside paintings on the castle walls.

Role in the series

Castle Castaway first appeared in the episode "Beardini's Apprentice", Cubby wishes to learn how to do magic as good as Beardini the Pirate Magician. But he happens to have some trouble. But Beardini reassures his new student that he needs confidants. But during the lesson Captain Hook and Mr. Smee sneak into to Beardini's lair to steal some of his magic to find treasure. Beardini was furious at the villainous duo and ask Cubby to transport them out of his lair. Cubby did as Beardini ask but accidentally traps Beardini, Hook, and Smee in Castle Castaway when using Beardini's magic wand. Since Cubby was the one to send everyone into the enchanted castle he must be the one to set everyone free. Cubby alongside the rest of his crew-mates enters Castle Castaway to find Beardini. However soon Captain Hook grow tired of waiting and tries to set himself free by force but this causes Castle Castaway to get angry and work harder to keep everyone from escaping. After mustering up his courage Cubby learns to use the wand to set everyone free and return to safety to the Pirate Magician's Lair.


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