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Captain Ramone's Jukebox
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User Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Sharky, Bones
Location Never Land
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Ooh, looks to be a fine old piratey juke box.

Captain Ramone's Jukebox is a jukebox originally belonging to the legendary pirate Pogo rocker Captain Ramone who hid it on Never Land.

Role in the Series

Captain Ramone's Jukebox first appeared in the episode "Pirate Pogo", Jake and his crew try to find the lost treasure of the legendary pirate Pogo rocker Captain Ramone after uncovering his musical map. Jake knew if anyone on Never Land could help them find the musical treasure and it is Sharky and Bones. Meanwhile, Sharky and Bones were looking for treasure Captain Hook aboard an old shipwreck when Jake and his crew ask for their assistance. Sharky and Bones were happy to help the sea pups, providing them with costumes and musical instruments fitting of pirate Pogo rocker. Captain Hook soon becomes aware of this and refused to have his crew waste their time when they can be looking for treasures. Sharky and Bones assured Hook they were looking for Captain Ramone's treasure. Hook reluctantly joins the fun to find the treasure. After uncovering the clue to Slide Away Slide Jake and Hook's crew uncover Captain Ramone's Hidden Cove. In order to reveal the hidden treasure all the pirates most do the pirate pogo one last time. However Hook refuses to take part in the dancing any longer but thanks to Izzy using a small bit of her Pixie Dust on Hook's boots, Hook begins to hop about do to the hot sand of the cove and the treasure is soon revealed. Jake and his crew were in awe of musical treasure but Hook didn't know what to make of it. Sharky soon explains that Captain Ramone's Jukebox music is the treasure but they needed a way to reach the jukebox within the cove. Captain Hook soon uses his Pixie Dust enchanted boots to fly to the jukebox and with one of Cubby's gold doubloons to activate it. Jake and Hook's crew soon enjoy the sound of the music coming from Captain Ramone's Jukebox before returning back to there vessels.


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