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Captain Colossus's Treasure
General information
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Background information
Other Names Colossus's Treasure
User Captain Colossus, Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Captain Hook, Grim Buccaneer
Purpose Restores Captain Colossus's strength
Location Colossus Island
Final State Jake and his crew recover the keys, allowing Captain Colossus to open the chest and restore his strength.
Captain Colossus's Treasure is a treasure chest of ultimate power bestowed upon Captain Colossus after he came to King Neptune aid in defeating the Strake. The only means to open the chest are three keys hidden deep within Never Land.


Sometimes after his battle with the Strake, Captain Colossus finally returns to his island but he is slowly losing his strength as his body hasn't recovered from his first the battle and in his weakened state he couldn't traverse the Never Sea to Never Land recover the three keys to his treasure. Captain Colossus's pet Never Land Firebird, Wildfire travels for help to recover the keys to open the treasure chest.

Role in the series

Captain Colossus's Treasure first appeared in the episode special "The Legion of Pirate Villains" Wildfire meets Jake and his crew sailing the Mighty Colossus, Wildfire reveals a secret compartment aboard the ship revealing a map showing three magical keys hidden on Never Land that will unlock Colossus's magical treasure. Unknown to Jake and his crew at the time Wildfire was being followed by the Grim Buccaneer in order to claim the treasure for himself. Grim summons ShiverJack, Doctor Undergear, and Captain Hook (by accident) to form the Legion of Pirate Villains to help locate Colossus's legendary treasure hidden on Colossus Island. Their main objective is to find three keys, The Crystal Key, The Golden Key, and The Iron Key. After locating the secret entrance into Colossus fortress on Colossus Island thanks to Wildfire. Jake and his crew meet Captain Colossus who uncertain at first of the young trespasser but Wildfire assured that they have come to help. Later during the special Jake, his comrades accompanied by Captain Colossus are forced to confront the Legion of Pirate Villains but are able to recover the treasure when Captain Hook sides with them against the Grim Buccaneer. The treasure then restores Colossus' strength, and he handily defeats the other villains.


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