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Captain Colossus's Sword
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Other Names
User Captain Colossus,Gill Creature,Captain Hook, Jake
Location Never Land (formerly)
Pirate Island(formerly)
Colossus Island (currently)
Final State Returned to Captain Colossus
Captain Colossus's Sword is a golden sword that once belonged to the legendary Captain Colossus. It is later given to Jake.


Sometimes after Captain Colossus disappearance he entrusted his sword to his loyal crew member the Gill Creature,who hid Colossus's sword deep within Never Land until his return.

Role in the series

Captain Colossus's Sword first appeared in the episode "The Creature of Doubloon Lagoon",while cleaning the Mighty Colossus, Cubby accidentally triggers signal flare cannon that summoned a mysterious Gill Creature aboard the ship. Later in pursuit of treasure, Captain Hook chases after the Gill Creature to a small island where hid a treasure, a golden sword once belonging Captain Colossus. Jake and his crew soon come to the creature aid and Jake after a sword fight between Jake and Captain Hook,with Jake being victorious. The Gill Creature rewards Jake after learning he is the new captain of the Mighty Colossus with Captain Colossus's sword and Gillie the Gill Creature friendship.

Captain Colossus's Sword reappeared in the episode "The Legion of Pirate Villains!" it is magically restored to Captain Colossus when his power and strength is restored.The sword is later featured during the end sequence of the special as Captain Colossus and Captain Flynn compare each others swords.


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