Captain Colossus is a minor character featured in Jake and the Never Land Pirates. He's legendary brave pirate and former captain of the equally legendary battleship the Mighty Colossus. He is voiced by Héctor Elizondo.

Role in the series

Captain Colossus is mentioned in the episode special "The Great Never Sea Conquest", during Sharky and Bones song revealing Captain Colossus came to King Neptune's aid while encountering the Strake and lost his vessel in the process defeating the sea serpent. Jake and his crew decided to search for Captain Colossus's ship unknown to Jake and his crew Captain Hook decided to plunder the ship for himself.

Captain Colossus is mentioned in the episode "Mystery of the Mighty Colossus", his former first-mate gone bad the Grim Buccaneer has returned once more to claim the Mighty Colossus for himself. Grim even mentions Captain Colossus when he briefly took control of the Mighty Colossus.

Captain Colossus is mentioned in the episode "The Creature of Doubloon Lagoon" while cleaning the Mighty Colossus Cubby accidentally triggers signal flare cannon that summoned a mysterious Gill Creature aboard the ship. Later in pursuit of treasure. Captain Hook chases after the Gill Creature to a small island where hid a treasure a golden sword once belonging Captain Colossus. Jake and his crew soon come to the creature aid and Jake is rewarded with Captain Colossus's sword and Gillie the Gill Creature friendship.

Captain Colossus makes his debut in the episode special "The Legion of Pirate Villains!", Jake and his crew meet Wildfire, Colossus's pet Firebird who need their help locating three magical Treasure Keys hidden on Never Land that will unlock Colossus's magical treasure. Jake and his forces are later confronted by the Grim Buccaneer and his Legion of Pirate Villains who also desire the treasure. After locating the secret entrance into Colossus fortress on Colossus Island. Jake and his crew meet Captain Colossus who is slowly losing his strength still not recovering his strength from his first battle with the Strake. Later during the special Jake his comrades accompanied by Captain Colossus are forced to confront the Legion of Pirate Villains but are able to recover the treasure when Captain Hook sides with them against the Grim Buccaneer. The treasure then restores Colossus' strength, and he handily defeats the other villains. To show his gratitude to Jake and his crew he gives them the Mighty Colossus.

Printed material

Captain Colossus is briefly mentioned in the storybook adaption of the special The Great Never Sea Conquest.

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