Chen's ship
Captain Chen's Ship
First appearance "The Golden Dragon"
Latest appearance "The Forbidden City"
Video games
Park attractions
Maximum speed
Crew Captain Chen (captain)
Passengers Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully
Fate Still with Captain Chen

Captain Chen's Ship is the vessel of Captain Chen. It serves as Chen's main means of travel across the vast Never Sea to find a cure for his curse.

Roles in the series

Captain Chen's Ship first appeared in the episode "The Golden Dragon" the ship was attack by a golden dragon while sailing Cannonball Cove. Jake and his friends come aboard Chen's ship to help him on his feet .He soon explains to his new friends that he most recover his stolen magical dragon tooth necklace which allow him to protect everyone from the golden dragon's wrath. Cubby guest that the dragon was the thief, but Chen knew it wasn't the dragon but a more despicable fiend, a pirate with hook for hand. Jake and his crew knew it had to be none other than Captain Hook.

Captain Chen's Ship reappeared in the episode "The Forbidden City",Chen comes to asks Jake to help him finding the Forbidden City which has a cure for his dragon curse.Chen's Ship is used to reach the Forbidden City. While journeying through the Forbidden City, Chen and Jake had to face various trials in order to find a means to return him self to normal.Unknown to Jake and his friend that Captain Hook spot them heading into Forbidden City and decided to pursue them to find what ever treasure they maybe after.Later Hook touches the enchanted sorcerers treasure turning himself into a dragon.But with the assistance of Chen and Jake manage to capture Hook.In order to spare Never Land from Hook's fiery wrath Chen gives up his only means to break the dragon curse and gives it to Hook.Captain Chen's Ship is last seen after Chen thanks Jake and his crew for there aid in the Forbidden City before sailing away from Pirate Island to find another means to breaking his curse.


  • Captain Chen's ship is a loosely based on the Junk a Chinese sailing ship.


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