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Bumble Guards, let them be.
―Bouncing Bumble Queen

The Bumble Guards are minor characters from the Disney Junior animated series, Jake and the Never Land Pirates. They serve as both the Bouncing Bumble Queen's bodyguards and as the Bumble Bungalow's police force. Their vocal effects are provided by Dee Bradley Baker.

Role in the series

The Bumble Guards first appeared in "Follow the Bouncing Bumble!" While on a treasure hunt through Big Bug Valley Captain Hook and his crew discover the Bouncy Bumbles hive and tried to retrieve what treasure lies within but were forced to flee when the queen's guards cast them out. Not one to give up a treasure hunt Captain Hook and his crew disguise them self to try and steal their treasure. The disguises seem to fool the guards allowing Hook and his men access into the hive but a young Bouncing Bumble later named Bouncer wasn't fooled by Hook and his crew and rush to find help when he meets Jake and his crew who agreed to help stop Hook.

Later while evading Jake and his crew through the hive Hook and his crew stumble into the Bouncing Bumble Queen thrown room were the queen demands the meaning of this with two of her Bumble Guards at her side. Hook tries to trick the queen into believing that Jake and his crew were a band of thieving pirates who want her treasure as the Bumble Guards attempt to surround them, fortunately Bouncer was there to prove Jake and crew were not the thieves the queen calls off her guards realizing her little bumble wouldn't lie to her by this time Hook and his men made their escape with the queen treasure chest with Jake,Izzy,Cubby,Skully and Bouncer in pursuit. Once Jake and his team caught up to Hook he had already opened the chest but it only contains honey much to Hook's anger he accidentally cracks one the support beam to the Bouncy Bumbles hive. Izzy quickly uses her pixie dust to save the Bumble Bungalow from falling, while Bouncer summons the Bumble Guards to chase Hook and his crew off. The Bumble Guards are last seen when Jake and his crew return the chest of honey to the Bouncing Bumble Queen who rewards them by sharing some of her honey treasure.

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