Bucky makes a splash titlecard Jake: Bucky Makes a Splash [Announcing title]


[Bucky just off from Never Land's waters]

Jake: All hands on deck! [At helm of Bucky]

Cubby & Izzy: Yo-ho, Jake! [On main deck with Skully]

Jake: Mateys, we need to make sure Bucky is shipshape and seaworthy so that he's ready to sail!

Everyone: Aye, aye!

Jake: How does that sound to you, Bucky? [Bucky's bell dings] That's the spirit, Bucky! Let's see if everything's in good working order. We'll start with your ship's wheel! [Bucky's wheel spins on its own] Ship's wheel, looking' good!

Izzy: Bucky, show us your anchor! [Leans over rail as Bucky shoots down and reels in its anchor] Yay-hey anchors away! [Gives thumbs up to Jake]

Cubby: Let's see your sail, Bucky! [Bucky lowers and raises sails] Awesome! [Gives thumbs up]

Skully: Water cannons, go! [Fly starboards as Bucky shoots water out from two cannons]

Izzy: Open and close all hatches and doors! [Bucky opens its hatches and doors]

Jake: You're as fit as a fiddler crab! Shipshape and seaworthy! [Bucky dings its bell]

Izzy: Bucky, are you ready to have your decks swept? [Bucky dings its bell happily]

Skully: He's ready, all right!

Cubby: Ah, coconuts! We're not ready! Look at our broom! [Sweep with a worn-out broom] How can we sweep Bucky's deck without a good broom?

Jake: We can't. But we can make a new broom out of big palm tree leaves. And there are plenty of palm trees on Never Land! [Points to Never Land]

Skully: All hands ashore!

[Bucky pops out starboard a blowup dingy]

Everyone: Gangway! [Sliding down Bucky's slide into the dinghy]

Izzy: Bye, Bucky. We'll be back as soon as we gather enough big leaves to make a broom. [Waves as crew rows to shore]

[Scene changes to the Jolly Roger]

Hook: Mr. Smee! Faster! Full speed ahead!

Smee: But captain, this is as fast as she'll go.

Hook: Blast! There's a sunken treasure lying on the bottom of the Never Sea just waiting to be taken! [Shoves Smee off the wheel; Smee grunts] We must go faster! I'll set the course!

Smee: Careful, captain. We're nearin' Shipwreck Beach! These waters are dangerous! There are rocks and reefs and... Whoa! [The Jolly Roger got stuck on the rocks, hull's damaged] I'm afraid we're going to be stuck here for quite a while, captain. Might I suggest we use the dinghy to find the treasure, sir?

Hook: This sunken treasure is supposed to be huge, Mr. Smee. The dinghy is too small to carry such a big load.

Smee: Then it seems you'll need another ship. One that's shipshape and seaworthy.

Hook: I know what we need, Mr. Smee! Another ship! One that's shipshape and seaworthy!

Smee: Uh... Oh, excellent idea, captain! Uh... huh?

Hook: A-ha! Behold! [Through spyglass] There's the pirate ship that belongs to Jake and his crew. Methinks I'll just take it. Those scurvy swabs shouldn't miss it too much.

Smee: [Chuckles] Yethinks?

[Smee and Hook rows to Bucky; Starts Jiggle]

Captain Hook,

He's a cranky crook,

[Jiggle Ends]

Hook: Ahoy? Puny pirates? Anybody home? [Climbs aboard with Smee]

Smee: I don't think they're aboard, sir.

Hook: So much the better. Set sail for the middle of Never Sea, Mr. Smee! Treasure awaits us! [Sails away with Bucky; Bucky rings its bell loudly] Lay off that bell, Mr. Smee!

Smee: It's not me ringin' it, captain.

[On Never Land Beach]

Skully: Crackers! Trouble ahead! [Spots Hook stealing Bucky, flies to his crew mates picking up palm leaves] Hook the crook took Bucky!

Everyone: Bucky! [Runs to the beach]

Cubby: Ah, coconuts!

Izzy: Hook can't do that! Bucky's our greatest treasure! We've gotta get him back!

Jake: Will you help us get Bucky back? [To the audience] Great! Remember to keep a lookout for gold doubloons, mateys. Whenever we solve a pirate problem together, they'll appear. Then we'll collect 'em and put 'em in our team treasure chest. Yo-ho, let's go!

[Crew rows after Bucky in their dinghy; Song starts]

Yo-ho, mateys, away!

There'll be treasure and adventure today,

Let's go,

Heave-ho, here we go,

Together as a team,

Jake and Never Land Pirates and me. [Song ends]

Izzy: Yo-ho, Bucky! We're back! [Bucky 'wags' its rudder and drops a rope for them]

Jake: We're glad to see you, too, Bucky. OK, crew, let's use this rope to climb onboard Bucky! [To audience] Sh! Let's all be really quiet so Hook won't hear us. Come on! Grab on and climb the rope with us. Ready? Let's go! Climb-climb-climb! [Izzy, Cubby and Jake climb the rope into cabin window] Climb-climb-climb! Climb-climb-climb!

Cubby: Awesome! We got onboard! And we got three gold doubloons! Let's grab 'em and go! [Grabs doubloons]

Hook: [Bucky rings its bell] Smee! I told you to stop ringing that blasted bell!

Smee: This ship seems to have a mind of its own! [Struggles with the wheel, grunting]

Hook: Oh, nonsense! Ships can't think, [Takes the wheel] Watch how I do it and learn. [Bucky spins Hook down on deck] Whoa! [Grunts as Bucky's wheel smacks him on his rear, ringing its bell]

Smee: [Gasps] There's that bell again! I told you there's something peculiar about this ship, sir. [Stammers and yells]

Hook: Find out what's going on here, Smee. Look below! [paranoid]

[Inside cabin]

Jake: Look alive! Mr. Smee's coming!

Cubby: Let's hide! [Crew hides behind barrel]

[Smee comes inside, humming nervously as he looks around then leaves]

Jake: Aye, good goin'! Mr. Smee didn't see us! [Crew came out from hiding] And we got three gold doubloons! Let's grab 'em and go! [Grabs doubloons]

[On main deck of Bucky]

Hook: [Shuddering] What did you find, Smee?

Smee: I didn't see anything unusual, captain. But this ship's a bit... [Gulps] spooky, if you ask me.

Hook: Bilge water! It's all in your head. [Shouts as Bucky smacks Hook's behind with hatch doors] Ow! Smee, help me!

Smee: You see, captain? I told you this ship was... [Bucky's bell rings loudly]

[Hook shouts and jumps on Smee in fear; Bucky opens hatch door beneath them, sending them yelling down below deck. Bucky rings its bell happily]

Skully: Way to go, Bucky! [Crew runs out on deck]

Jake: [Laughs] You sure took the wind out of their sails! Are you OK? [Bucky's bell rings to reply]

Hook: Ah-ha! [Hook and Smee jumps up on deck from below, a little rugged] So it's you puny pirates who have been causing all the problems!

Izzy: Yay-hey, no way! We're not the problem, you are! It wasn't very nice of you to take our ship!

Cubby: We would like Bucky back, please!

Hook: Oh! Is this your ship? They all look so much alike, I thought it was me own.

Jake: Yours?! You know this is our ship! [Angry]

Hook: All right, all right, I took your ship! Uh, you see, I'm looking for a treasure that's at the bottom of the Never Sea. [Shows his map to the crew] But my ship, the Jolly Roger, is stuck on a reef, so I must use yours to get to the sunken treasure. And nothing's going to stop me! [Sweetly then harsh] Mr. Smee? Escort these pipsqueak popinjays off the ship!

Smee: Oh, lovely performance, sir.

Hook: Thank you.

[Bucky rings its bell and opens up on the deck, a hatch door with a water cannon aimed at Hook and Smee and spray them back down below]

Everyone: Yeah! Way-hey, Bucky!

Skully: Heads up! Rocks dead ahead! [Jake runs to front of Bucky]

Jake: Come on, everybody. Help me tell Buck which way to go to get around the rocks! [To audience] When I point left, shout, "Turn left, Bucky!" When I point right, shout, "Turn right, Bucky!" Ready? Turn right, Bucky! Turn left, Bucky! [Bucky steers to Jake's directions] Turn right, Bucky! [Down below shouting, Hook and Smee wobbles side to side] Turn left, Bucky!

Hook & Smee: Whoa!

Jake: Turn right, Bucky!

Hook & Smee: Yah! [Falls into barrels]

Izzy: Yo-ho, way to GO! [Bucky rings happily] We made it through the rocks and we got four more gold doubloons! Let's grab 'em and go! [Grabs doubloons]

[Bucky rings again and toss both Hook and Smee back on deck, still in the barrels. Both emerge dizzy and covered with fruits]

Hook: Get us off this enchanted ship! [Pleading]

Izzy: If you say so, Captain Hook! All you need is a pinch of pixie dust! [Toss pixie dust over them and they float away]

Hook: Look at us, Smee! We're flying!

Smee: Oh, dear, oh, dear! [Dropping on a large wooden plank off board with Hook]

Skully: Bon you-ah-gee!

Jake: Here ya go, Captain Hook! It shouldn't take you too long to row to shore with these oars! [Toss two to Smee]

Smee: Oh, that's ever so considerate of you! [Catches oars]

Hook: Pipe down and row! [In a huff]

Smee: Piping, rowing. [Nervously starts rowing]

Everyone: Way to go! [Cheering]

Jake: Now, let's sail Bucky back to Pirate Island! [Bucky rings happily as its heads back to Pirate Island]

[On Pirate Island Beach]

Jake: Listen up, mates. How about we put all our gold doubloons into our team treasure chest? [To audience]

[Starts Song]

Way hey, well done crew,

everyone knew just what to do,

Way hey, with help from you,

It's time to count our gold doubloons.

[Song Ends]

Jake: Come on! count with us!

All: Yeah!

Cubby: One, two, three...

Jake: Four, five, six...

Izzy: Seven, eight, nine, ten!

Jake: Yo-ho! For solving pirate problems today, we got ten gold doubloons! [Doubloons drop in chest. Hears Bucky ringing its bell] Sounds like Bucky's happy to be back. Let's go give him that sweeping we promised! Come on!

[On Bucky, the crew sweeps Bucky's decks with the palm leaf brooms]

Jake: [Sighs] There ya go, Bucky! Now, you're all clean again, sparkly and totally shipshape! [Bucky rings happily; Jake laughs] Bucky says thanks for helpin' us out today! Yo-ho, Bucky-neers, way to go!

[On Never Sea, Smee is rowing still towards the Jolly Roger]

Hook: Oh, blast this day, Mr. Smee! I'm wet and cold, I have no treasure to speak of, and my ship, the Jolly Roger, can't even sail! How can things get any worse?! [Behind Hook, the Jolly Roger sinks]

Smee: Uh... captain?

Hook: What, Smee? What?!

Smee: Oh, never mind.

[Episode Ends]

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