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The Buccaneer, better known as Bucky, is a supporting character in the Disney Junior animated series, Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Bucky is Jake and his crew's living pirate ship and close friend.


Bucky is a sentient vessel of unknown origins, and how he came into the care of Jake and origins all together are currently unknown.


Bucky is a playful pirate ship that has a mind of his own and communicates through the ringing of his bell, though this is fully understood by Jake and the others. Most of his roles in the show are rather minor with a few exceptions, in which he uses his features to assist Jake and his crew. Despite his often small roles, Jake, Izzy, Cubby, and Skully deem Bucky their greatest treasure.

Powers & Abilities[]

Being a ship that is self-aware. Bucky is able to sail without anyone at his helm and can freely open his hatches, chambers, door at will. It is also revealed in the episode "SkyBird Island is Falling!" that Bucky has the ability to form his sails into a hot air balloon to fly. In the episode "Undersea Bucky!", it was revealed that Bucky has the ability to transform into a submarine.

Roles in the series[]

One of Bucky's most significant roles to date is the episode "Bucky Makes a Splash". Here, Bucky is stolen by Captain Hook who needs a new ship to find a sunken treasure. Jake and his crew sneak onboard Bucky to defeat the pirate, but instead, the captain gets the upper Hook, until Bucky washes them away with his water cannon.

Another episode centered around Bucky was "Bucky's Anchor Aweigh!". Here, Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Marina and their friend the Purple Octopus planned on giving Bucky a golden anchor as a gift. However, Captain Hook and Mr. Smee swipe the anchor, taking it back to the Jolly Roger. Enraged, Bucky sails off in top speed after the ship, leaving Jake and the crew behind. Hook manages to lose Bucky, but the young pirates manage to catch up to him using a small boat. Once onboard Bucky, they travel to the Jolly Roger and takes back the anchor.

In the episode "Undersea Bucky!", when the light of the mermaid-dominated Neptune City vanishes, Marina was called forth to find a solution to the problem, Jake, Cubby, Izzy, Skully agreed to help Marina, but were briefly puzzled on how they would reach the bottom of the Never Sea. Bucky reveals to his crewmates that he has the ability to turn into a submarine, allowing Jake and his crew to follow Marina to find the cause of the lights disappearance. Meanwhile Captain Hook and his bumbling crew are searching for the Jolly Roger's missing anchor. When Hook witnesses Jake and crew dive below the depths of the Never Sea in Submarine Bucky, Hook and Mr. Smee soon follow, using diving suits to discover what ever undersea treasure they may be after.

In the episode special "Jake Saves Bucky", Captain Hook forces Jake and his crew to race the Jolly Roger for the ownership of Bucky. Naturally, Hook decided to cheat, and Bucky was owned by the villainous pirate. Jake, Izzy, Cubby, and Skully call Peter Pan for help. They learn that if they can retrieve the golden bell, Bucky would be theirs once more. The crew sets out to the Island of Bell and battle a fire-breathing dragon to obtain said bell. They head back to the Jolly Roger, retrieve Bucky, and all is well.

In the episode "Bucky's Treasure Hunt", Bucky uncovers a treasure map leading to the fabled Treasure Bright, a powerful ship’s lantern buried deep within the bowls of Anvil Mountain. Bucky transforms into a digging machine, refereed to as Burrowing Bucky, and tunnels underground to help Jake and crew recover the treasure. Unknown to Jake and his mateys, Captain Hook and his scurvy band spot them on there quest and quickly pursues them through the depths of Anvil Mountain.

In the episode "A Bad Case of the Barnacles!",Jake and his crew discover that Bucky is covered with Buccaneer Barnacles, Jake and his crew set sail to Crimson Isle to discover the "Zebra Rose" which will cure Bucky's barnacles. Once on Crimson Isle, Jake and his crew are greeted by Red Jessica. Jake and his crews inform Red Jessica of their plight, and ask her if she knows where the Zebra Rose grows on her island. Red Jessica pointed her young friends to Rose Valley, to locate the Zebra Rose. Unknown to Jake and his crew, Captain Hook has come to Crimson Isle to win the heart of Red Jessica. When he overhears the young pirates in search of the rare Zebra Rose, Hook decides to take the Zebra Rose as a gift, believing Red Jessica would favor it instead of the red rose he picked for her earlier.While on the hunt for the Zebra Rose, Captain Hook manages to swipe the rose from the young pirate team and flee back to Crimson Castle with Jake and his crew in pursuit. When Captain Hook and Mr. Smee reached Crimson Castle, Hook presented the Zebra Rose to his beloved Red Jessica, who was very impressed with Hook, believing he went through all trouble to help Jake and his crew cure their ship, leaving Hook both puzzled and confused on the matter.Despite knowing what really happened, Jake thanks Red Jessica, and even Hook who was forcing a smile, before rushing down to the docks where Bucky was anchored, and with a few whiffs from the Zebra Rose's scent, the Buccaneer Barnacles flee back into the Never Sea.

In the episode "Treasure of the Pirate Mummy's Tomb", Jake and his crew travel through the Never Land Desert, aboard Bucky in his Sail Wagon-like transformation, to help Captain Flynn find his ship, the Barracuda, that has become stuck in the sands of the Never Land Desert. Once Jake and his crew meet Flynn, he reveals that only the Never Land Ankh has the power to free his ship from the sand located deep within the Pirate Mummy's Tomb.

In the episode "F-F-Frozen Never Land!", with Never Land covered in ice and snow and Skully catching the Birdy Flu, the only means to cure his illness is the heat of the Fire Red Rubies, located in Fire Red Ruby Valley. With the assistance of their penguin friend, Percy, Jake, Izzy and Cubby make their way through a frozen Never Land aboard Bucky, who has turned into a sled to allow the pirate team to sail across a frozen Never Sea. As they pass by the Jolly Roger, which was stuck within the ice, Jake offers to help Captain Hook in freeing his vessel from the ice, but the captain refuses. Overhearing Jake and his crew on their quest for Fire Red Rubies, Hook and his crew, equipped with Whirly-Hooks, make their way to Never Land to claim the rubies to free the Jolly Roger.

Bucky played a key-role in the episode "March Of The Lava Monsters". When Jake and his crew soon become aware of Chief Molta and his minions, they attempt to stop them, but Chief Molta and the Lava Monsters proved to be too formidable for the young pirates' first attempts to stop them. It was not until witnessing the lava monsters' reaction to water as Hook and his crew try to reclaim the Fiery Eye of Molta. Jake and his crew use water cannons and bucket to lure Chief Molta and his minions out of the jungle, and onto the beach towards the Never Sea. Chief Molta soon became aware of the young pirate's plan, stopping his minions from falling into the sea and fuses with them into a larger more powerful Mega Molten Monster. With the new treat, Jake and his crew were forced flee to safety with Molta in pursuit. Jake and his mates lose the monster by hiding in a within the jungle brush as Molta makes his way back to Belch Mountain. Meanwhile, Hook prepares to confront the monster in a suit of armor to reclaim the Fiery Eye of Molta, but he is merely crushed with little effort or notice by Molta, who sends Smee, Sharky and Bone fleeing in panic to safety. Finally, back at Belch Mountain, Molta attempts to bring all the lava within the volcano to surface, but he is soon interrupted by Jake and his crew, returning with Bucky, using the power of his super scooper to retrieve a large amount of water to put the giant lava monster out for good, cooling its body down and destroying the Fiery Eye of Molta, as the Mega Molten Monster turns into stone and crumbles away into a lifeless pile of rubble.


Playing with Skully[]

Playing with Skully-Sailing The Never Sea

Bucky as he appears in Playing with Skully

Bucky appears in the spin-off with a more simple design. In the episode "Coconuts on Pirate Island", Jake and his crew prepare for a picnic. Bucky is briefly seen with the various fruit for the trip. In the episode "Sailing the Never Sea", Jake and his crew need to beat Hook in a race to a treasure, but need help moving Bucky's sails. In the episode "Diving in the Coral Reef", Jake and the crew are going diving next to the coral reefs, but need Skully and the viewer's assistance to stop Bucky from moving.

Jake's Never Land Pirate School[]

Bucky makes regular appearances in the shorts, ringing his bell before Jake starts his pirate lesson of the day. Bucky is also featured as one of Jake's lessons. In the episode "Go, Bucky Go!", Jake teaches the viewers how to sail Bucky to escape from Captain Hook. Bucky makes a brief appearance in the episode "I've Got my Sword", as Jake frees Bucky's anchor with his sword.

Jake's Buccaneer Blast[]

Bucky-Hideout Hijinks

Bucky as he appears in Jake's Buccaneer Blast

Bucky makes his first appearance in the spin-off in the episode "Stormy Seas", while Jake and his crew are sailing through a stormy Never Sea to find the next Pirate Pieces of Eight, located at Trident Rock. Captain Hook and Mr. Smee are on their trail for the pirate piece, as well. Bucky proved too fast for Hook, but the captain refused to be bested yet again by the young pirates. Armed with his cannon hook (Boat Buster hook), he blasts a hole into Bucky, causing him to sink. While Jake and his crew repair Bucky, they needed one more piece to patch him up. When they spot the Pirate Piece of King Neptune they were searching for, they manage to fish it out of the Never Sea before Captain Hook could and use it to fix Bucky. Captain Hook tries one last attempt to reclaim the Pirate Piece, armed once more with his Boat Buster hook, but thanks to the Pirate Piece of King Neptune, the blast is deflected right back to Hook, causing a massive tidal wave which forces Hook and Smee to flee.

Bucky reappears in the episode "Hideout Hijinks!". Jake and crew try to uncover the magical Pirate Piece hidden within Pirate Island. Unknown to Jake and his crew at the time, Captain Hook manages to stumble inside the hideout and finds himself aboard Bucky in his grotto. As Hook tries to search for the Pirate Piece, Bucky knocks Hook off him with one of his water cannons.

Printed material[]

Bucky has regularly appeared in books, various comics, and other printed stories in the series. Most of his roles in the books are similar to the show and are rather minor with a few exceptions. One of Bucky's most significant roles is in Bucky Makes a Splash!, based on the previously mentioned episode and "Jake Saves Bucky".

In the Disney Junior book Mama Hook Knows Best: A Pirate Parent's Favorite Fables, one of the tales Mama Hook reminisces about is a great race between Bucky and the Jolly Roger.

Video games[]

Bucky-Izzy's Flying Adventure01

Bucky in Izzy's Flying Adventure

Bucky has various appearances in many video game titles over the years. In the Disney Junior online game "Jake's Heroic Race", based upon the events of "Jake Saves Bucky", Bucky has to race against the Jolly Roger. However, there is one major difference between "Jake's Heroic Race" and "Jake Saves Bucky". In "Jake Saves Bucky", Bucky loses the race after Captain Hook gets him stuck in a grappling hook and catches the winning flag, resulting in Jake and his crew retrieving the Golden Bell as a second chance to save him. In "Jake's Heroic Race", Bucky wins the race to Eagle Island, however, the Golden Bell is the final task Jake has to fulfill, otherwise Hook will take him.

In the Disney Junior online game "Izzy's Flying Adventure", Bucky later appears to assist Jake and his crew after they reclaim the Team Treasure Chest from Captain Hook and Smee. Bucky will fire his water cannon at the villainous duo. In the online game "Jake's Skate Escape", Jake and his crew must reach Bucky by riding their skateboard through three locations on Never Land before Captain Hook can claim the skateboard for himself. In the "Jake's Never Land Pirate School App", the player can learn how to sail Bucky through various obstacles across the Never Sea.

Bucky-Jake's Never Land Pirate SchoolApp01

Bucky as he appears in Jake's Never Land Pirate School App

In the Disney Junior online game "Bucky's Halloween Haunt", Bucky serves as the stage, and his various water cannons and features can be used to frighten Hook and Smee as they attempt to steal Jake and his crew's Halloween treasure.

Bucky plays a major role in the LeapTV™ Disney Jake and the Never Land Pirates Educational, Active Video Game. During the "Ship Shape" segment, the player must sail through the Never Seas for treasure by steering Bucky towards shapes and launching his water cannon to throw Captain Hook off course.

Theme parks and other live appearances[]

Disney Junior - Live on Stage![]

Bucky is seen with Skully atop of him in the show as a part of the Jake and the Never Land Pirates' segment.

Disney Junior Live-Pirate & Princess Adventure Tour[]

Bucky reappears in the live musical stage show. After reclaiming Cubby's map from Captain Hook, with the assistance of Peter Pan, Jake and his crew make their way back to Never Land to continue the search for the treasure hidden inside a mysterious volcano. But Hook and his crew soon arrive aboard the Jolly Roger and a race back to the island commence.



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