Buccaneer Revenge-The Elephant Surprise!01
Buccaneer Revenge
Background Information
First appearance "The Elephant Surprise!"
Latest appearance
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location On the far side of Pirate Island
Visitors Jake , Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee
Final state

Buccaneer Revenge is said to be the largest fastest, steepest hill with various twists and turns on Pirate Island.

Role in the series

Buccaneer Revenge first appeared in the episode "The Elephant Surprise!", after Jake and his crew leave the large wooden elephant they found on the beach. The young pirate team rolls the wooden elephant into there treasure room hidden deep within the hideout. By the time Jake and his friends roll the elephant into the treasure room, it was time for lunch. Unknown to the young pirate team at the time Captain Hook and Mr. Smee were hidden inside the elephant in order to gain access into Jake's treasure room. Hook soon orders Smee to load the wooden elephant with all of the toys within the treasure room. But as Smee was finishing loading the elephant he accidentally bumps into it causing it to roll off as Hook and Smee try to gain stop it they soon hear Jake and his crew returning to expect the treasure room. Hook and Smee quickly leap inside of the wooden elephant as it rolls down the other side slide-out into Buccaneer Revenge. Jake and friends quickly follow behind, when they spot a large rock within the Buccaneer Revenge path. Using the zip-line Jake and his friends quickly make down to the end of Buccaneer Revenge and rolling a large log to over the rock softens the blow on the wooden elephant. This allows Jake and his crew to collect some Gold Doubloons and follow the wooden elephant through Pirate Island.

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