The Buccaneer Barnacles are minor characters a from Disney Junior's television series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Their vocal effects are provided by the late Russi Taylor.


Buccaneer Barnacles are mischievous inhabitants of the Never Sea unlike other species of barnacles that can be scraped off a ship Buccaneer Barnacles refuse to leave a vessel they call home. They also display the power to cause a ship to sail wildly out of control as long as they remain attached as seen with both Bucky and later the Jolly Roger. The only known means of removing the barnacles from a ship is the sweet scent of the Zebra Rose which only grows in the Valley of Roses located on Crimson Isle, it causes them to sneeze uncontrollably when in contact with the flower.

Role in the series

The Buccaneer Barnacles first appeared in the episode "A Bad Case of the Barnacles!",Jake,Izzy and Cubby discover Bucky has a bad case of barnacles and the only way to get rid of them is to find the Zebra Rose which grows on Crimson Isle the home of Red Jessica. Jake inform Red Jessica about their trouble and ask if she knew where to find the Zebra Rose, she informs the young pirates to search through the Valley of Roses to find Zebra Rose. While on the hunt for the rose Captain Hook manages to swipe the rose from the puny pirates and flee back to Crimson Castle with Jake and his crew in pursuit. When Hook reached Crimson Castle he presented the Zebra Rose to his beloved Red Jessica who was very impressed with Hook believing he went through all trouble to help Jake and crew ship cure who she gives leaving Hook both puzzled and confused on the matter. Jake and his crew rush back to the docks were Bucky was anchored with a few whiffs from Zebra Rose sent the barnacles to flee back into the Never Sea. The Barnacles make one final appearance at the end of the episode making their new home on the hall of Hook's ship the Jolly Roger.

Episode Appearances


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