Blue Whale way
Blue Whale Way
Background Information
First appearance "The Key to Skull Rock"
Latest appearance
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location Never Land
Inhabitants Big Blue Whales
Visitors Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee
Final state Still standing
We need to go through Blue Whale Way.

Blue Whale Way is a location in Never Land and the home of the Never Land Blue Whales.

Role in the series

Blue Whale Way first appeared in the episode "The Key to Skull Rock". Izzy Jake , Cubby and Skully received a message and a key from Peter Pan to unlock treasure behind Skull Rock, but unfortunately Captain Hook also has his eyes on the key and swipes it from the sea pups, forcing Jake and his crew to pursue the Jolly Roger into Blue Whale Way, in which a few of the whales blocked Bucky's path, causing Hook a lead to the Never Sea Twin Tunnel and onward to Skull Rock. Izzy came up with the idea to use beach balls for the whales to play with so they move out of the way and Jake and his crew could catch up to Hook.

Printed material

Blue Whale Way appears in the storybook adaptation of The Key to Skull Rock. After receiving a note from Peter Pan, Jake and his crew set off for a treasure hunt to Skull Rock. A special treasure is locked away there, and Peter has given Jake the key. But that old codfish Captain Hook takes the key and leads Jake on a chase across the Never Sea.

Video games

Blue Whale Way appears in Jake's Never Land Pirate School App. It is featured in the Sailing Class segment. Bucky and Jake sail around obstacles and use Bucky’s gadgets to collect barrels and fruit.While traversing through Blue Whale Way the Big Whales and dolphins make block your path.Jake must use Bucky's water cannon to shoot beach balls to distract the whales and dolphins allowing them to past.


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