Bloony-Bones' Lucky Doubloon!
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Other Names
User Captain Buzzard Bones, Bones, Captain Hook
Purpose Brings Bones good luck whenever it is flip
Location Never Land
Final State Presumed to be inside Queen Hippolita's Golden Hippo.
Bloony is a lucky gold doubloon once belonging to Captain Buzzard Bones.


Long before the events of the series Captain Buzzard gave Bloony to Bones, so his grandson would always have good luck.

Role in the series

Bloony first appeared in the episode "Bones' Lucky Doubloon!",Captain Hook and his crew have been searching all over Never Land for a week trying to uncover Queen Hippolita's lost treasure without much luck. Bones suggest they use Bloony to find the treasure demonstrating its good luck power by flipping the coin as a mermaid emerges from the Never Sea giving Bones a kiss. Captain Hook wanted to see if the doubloon was truly lucky for himself and tried to flip the coin himself. As Hook wait to receive a kiss from a mermaid, he is soon slapped with a fish by the Purple Octopus before it returns back into the sea. Captain Hook was furious claiming that Bloony wasn't lucky at all. Bones was quick to defend his grandfather's gold doubloon. Hook claim if felt so strongly about it that he should go out to find Queen Hippolita's lost treasure himself. Suddenly Jake and his crew arrive at the beach. Bones enlist the help of Jake and his crew to find the lost treasure of Queen Hippolita's with the aid of Bloony. Captain Hook still not believing Bloony lucky but knowing how resourceful the puny pirates are Hook decides to follow Bones and Jake to the treasure. After a long search throughout the island Bones and Jake's crew come to a stop near a waterfall. Bones gives his lucky gold doubloon, Bloony a flip and it rolls into the nearby water. Bones was able to recover the doubloon but with a closer inspection to the rock wall near the waterfall discovers a slot small enough for Bloony to fit. Bones place the gold doubloon into the slot revealing a secret passage. Jake and his crew accompanied by Bones enter the cave were they discover Queen Hippolita's Golden Hippo, on closer inspection of the hippo reveals another slot within its mouth. Bones bid Bloony farewell as he drops the coin into the slot, the golden hippo suddenly starts to dance about until it finally stops releasing a large bag full of gold doubloons. But before Bones could get the treasure Captain Hook sneaks into the cave and claims the bag of riches for himself, but as the greedy pirate attempts to flee with the treasure deeper into the cave he falls off a cliff with the treasure. Luckily for Hook, Izzy manages to save him and the treasure with the aid of her pixie dust.


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