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Big Rock River
Background Information
First appearance "Hook and the Itty-Bitty Kitty"
Latest appearance
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location Crimson Isle
Visitors Rosie,Jake,Izzy,Cubby,Skully, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee,Sharky,Bones
Final state Still standing
Why, look! Kitty's sneaking off toward Big Rock River!
―Mr. Smee

Big Rock River is a large river that flows on Crimson Isle. The only means of crossing the river is leaping across the large stones coming from the river.

Role in the series

Big Rock River first appeared in the episode "Hook and the Itty-Bitty Kitty" Red Jessica called for Captain Hook's presence, much to the love-struck captain's delight. He was quickly disappointed, however, when he learned the meeting wasn't romantically centered, but instead a request to cat-sit! Red Jessica had to set sail and run some errands out to sea, but Rosie is terrified of water. Red Jessica convinces Hook to watch over her kitten while she's away. But no sooner than Red Jessica departure, Captain Hook loses Rosie in the jungle. So with the help of both his and Jake's crew search Crimson Isle for Rosie. Jake and Hook's crew soon catch up to Rosie as she crosses Big Rock River. Captain Hook command Rosie to return to him immediately, but the mischievous kitten ignores Hook's command and leaps across the stones to the other side and out of sight. Hook refused to be made a fool of by some lowly beast, but as Hook and his crew try to cross Big Rock River they lose there footing and fall into the river. As Jake helps Hook and his crew out of the river, Mr. Smee comments that the stones are too narrow and slippery for pirates to cross. However Cubby got the idea to push stones over like dominoes so they'll make a bridge allowing the pirates to cross to the other side of Big Rock River and follow Rosie.


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