Belchy is a minor character featured in Jake and the Never Land Pirates. He is a large fire breathing dragon that befriended Captain Flynn during his adventures on Never Land long ago. His vocal effects are provided by Dee Bradley Baker.


Not much is known about Belchy, but he clearly adores being with Captain Flynn and the two share a deep bond of trust. According to Flynn Belchy resides with the rest of his species in a hot spring east of Mermaid Lagoon. Belchy is a intimidating creature and is very proud of his power as he demonstrates his fiery belches to Jake and his crew when Flynn introduce him nearly hitting the young pirate team in the process.

Powers and Abilities

Flight: Belchy is an expert flyer, as he was able to fly from the hot spring east of Mermaid Lagoon with Captain Flynn on his back, all the way to the top of Hidden Peak.

Fire Breath: As a dragon, Belchy's primary means of combat is breathing a stream of flames or large fireballs.

Role in the series

Belchy first appeared in the episode "Cubby's Tall Tale", once Captain Hook and his crew reach the top of Hidden Peak and uncover Cubby's hidden treasure. Jake and his crew soon confront the greedy captain, but Hook merely mocks the notion that the sea pups and the various dangers of Cubby's tale were all made up. Or So Hook originally thought until he witnesses Belchy soaring down towards the peak with a mighty roar and unleashing streams of flames sending Hook and his crew to flee leaving the treasure. Jake and his crew were also tempted to flee until they heard Captain Flynn who was riding on top of the dragon's back. Flynn shortly introduces his young friends to Belchy.

Episode Appearances



  • Belchy shares his character model with the unnamed dragon from the episode special "Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Jake Saves Bucky".
  • Despite being called a dragon he actually resembles a Wyvern, the key difference has been that a wyvern has two legs, whereas a dragon has four. However, this distinction is not commonly observed in the heraldry of other European countries, where two-legged dragon-like creatures being called dragons is entirely acceptable.

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