Argos Island-Minotaur Mix-Up!
Argos Island
Background Information
First appearance "Captain Buzzard to the Rescue! "
Latest appearance "Minotaur Mix-Up!"
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location Far from the shores of Never Land
Ruler(s) Monty the Minotaur
Inhabitants Monty the Minotaur
Visitors Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Sharky, Bones,Captain Buzzard Bones
Final state Still standing

Argos Island is a large island resembling the time of ancient Greece in Never Land. The island is home to Monty the Minotaur who guards the magical golden treasure from thieving pirates.

Role in the series

Argos Island first appears in the episode "Captain Buzzard to the Rescue!". Captain Buzzard Bones stop on Pirate Island before head off to Never Land when the Jolly Roger arrives. Captain Hook needed the help of Jake and his crew to rescue Mr. Smee, Sharky and Bones from the Minotaur on Argos Island. Reluctantly Captain Buzzard agreed to aid Hook rescue Bones and the rest of the Jolly Roger crew. It was later revealed that Hook sacrificed his crew trying to steal the Minotaur's treasure. It was later revealed that the Minotaur, was none other than Captain Buzzard's old first mate late captain Monty. After foiling Hook's scheme and coming to the rescue to his crew Captain Buzzard decided to continue his adventures with Monty the Minotaur.

Argos Island reappears in the episode "Minotaur Mix-Up!" Jake and his crew were enjoying playing a game of pirate checkers with Monty. Later Captain Hook confronts Monty challenging him for treasure. Monty scoffed at Hook's remark and asked what the challenge. Hook uses a pirate pattle ball and rigged to fail when its Monty's turn playing at the Minotaur's great strength causing Monty to lose. Hook soon gloats over his victory as he is quickly transformed into the Minotaur of Argos Island to obtain the Minotaur’s legendary treasure. Monty is soon reverted into a meek scrawny human sailor do to Argo Island only allows one guardian. Monty later challenges Hook to Minotaur obstacle course around the island to change back into a Minotaur.



  • Argos Island was loosely based on the word Argo means " Rowers of Ancient Greece"
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